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ConvergX® is more than a congress, it’s a strong community. It is the first and only annual 2.5 day global congress that creates cross-sector investment and business development opportunities in the Energy, Military, Tech, Ag, Mining, Aerospace, Defence & Security industries.

If you have a technology that can be used in another industry, or looking for a solution, then this is the congress for you.

There are no other congress’s like this globally.

ConvergX® gives you access to pre-vetted, qualified leaders, who have agreed to communicate directly with you.

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Just having completed its fifth year, ConvergX®’s successes are easily trackable, and continue
to show.

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“As a leading global technology company, Lockheed Martin has been addressing our customers biggest challenges in Universities, laboratories, and with small and large companies around the world. In doing so, we often found that companies from the oil and gas, mining, and even the automotive sectors were exploring similar solutions for their needs. ConvergX has been a great opportunity for us to engage with representatives from some of those industries, understand their challenges, and find synergies between their needs and ours. I am hopeful that working together will enable us all to accelerate our ability to field solutions for our customers.”

Gary Biermann

“Your conference was the most professional I’ve attended in the last 10 years, you should be very proud. I have just returned to Halifax over the weekend and will be briefing the senior management team next week on the highlights of ConvergX. “

Cam MacDonald

“It was an honor to present at your conference. Let me know if I can help for your next year event.”

Claude Rochette 

“Convergx is a fantastic event. I meet key people and the lectures are eye opening and focus on currentand important topics. I wouldn’t miss it.”

Chuck Bean

“I really want to congratulateKimberley Van Vliet,BradRobsonand theConvergX® Congressteam for organizing a first-class conference last week bringing together decision makers from#oilandgas,#mining,#aerospaceand#defensein the spirit of facilitating conversation andcollaboration across industries.

This was the 5th annual ConvergX conference (I’m told it was the best one yet in terms ofnumber of deals done) and my first time attending. I’m glad I committed the time. I learnedfrom and met many fascinating people I would normally never cross paths with. Differentperspectives are so valuable in getting creative and thinking outside the box.

The speakers were thought-provoking and entertaining, the moderators were thoughtful andstrategic, the emceeGeoffrey Cannwas on point the whole time, the venue and food wasgreat….I appreciated everything and highly recommend this event. I’ll be back next year!”

Blaire Lancaster

“In leading the Royal Canadian Navy’s Innovation Team during its first year, it was important to identify effective mechanisms to match solutions to the Navy’s challenges. Whether through ongoing dialogue facilitated by, or via the concentrated and highly engaging ConvergX forum, Kimberley Van Vliet and Brad Robson create opportunities for people to share their innovative ideas and solutions amongst a vast Canadian and international audience. The opportunity to engage directly with Aerospace, Defence and Security sectors enables broader markets and accelerates the introduction of solutions into practical use.”

Stephan King

“I’m very happy to be here and I’m impressed with the group of people that you’ve brought together for this forum. It’s great to see experts dealing with the facts and trying to get to the core of the matter of operating in the North. The North is not separate from the rest of the globe, and is being impacted by the same global trends that are impacting the world.”

BGen Carpentier, Commander Joint Task Force North

“This is a very impressive gathering of partnerships and I’m impressed with the diversity of the participant’s backgrounds, the expertise at this conference, and your care of the Arctic. Conferences like this are valuable because it gives us a deeper understanding of who the key players are in the Arctic. Every opportunity like this, improves my education and gives me a deeper understanding of what kind of resources are available right here in Canada.”

BGen Hardin, Department of National Defence

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ConvergX® is produced by WaVv, whose focus is on horizontal commercialized technology transfer between industries

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