ConvergX® is the first and only annual global conference bringing together aerospace, defence, security, energy and mining industries plus government and military sectors. For 2.5 productive days key decision-makers from industry leading organizations (private sector, military and government) get together to accelerate growth through innovation and to solve shared problems.

Together with our Innovation Award sponsors, ConvergX® has recognition for three areas

Pre-Commercial Technology Innovation, for emerging technologies
Sponsored by Stonecracker Scientific Law LLP

Cross-Sector Technology, for the application of technology outside of its original purpose
Sponsored by Bennett Jones LLP

Cross-Sector Company, for the company engaging across industry lines

Criteria for Pre-Commercial Technology Innovation Award
• Less than 25 staff
• Have developed a working prototype of a technology or service
• Have not formally launched the product on market (introduction to targeted pilot customers, and pre-launch marketing accepted)
• Product or service could be used by customers in both Defence and Energy industry
• Use of technology offers one or more of the following:
o Performance improvements
o Increased efficiency in processes
o Advances in safety enhancements or environmental performance
o More effective use of time

Criteria for Cross-Sector Awards

1. Should be recognized internationally.
2. Must be in the energy, mining, aerospace, defense, and security industries; including research laboratories and universities.
3. Be active within the industry and that are recognized as innovators who have developed new concepts, products and methods bringing the energy, mining, aerospace, defense, and security sectors forward.
4. Technical excellence, commercial success, and innovative projects with great significance for technology in the industry as a result of their frontier pushing activities.
5. Must act as a visionary ambassador for the industry. The work should influence people to be open to innovation and incorporate new ideas.
6. Be recognized for their technical excellence and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do applications close?

Applications are due 15 days before the conference. We regret we cannot accept any late applications.

What do award winners receive?

Award winners will attend the awards presentation and scotch tasting evening with ConvergX® delegates and invited guests.

Their engraved award will be presented by the award sponsor, who will also introduce the company and outline its success.

Award winners will be published in post-conference materials and noted on the ConvergX® website

How do I apply?

Please fill in your information through our nomination form by clicking the the button below

Who is eligible for an award?

The award can be given to managers of innovative companies, inventors of new technology, project managers, researchers, university professors, research teams and laboratories or others with great significance for promoting innovations or cross-sector business opportunities.

The work of the candidate has to show innovation excellence through a significant period of time.

The candidate:
1. Is involved in the energy, mining, aerospace, defense, and security sectors.
2. Has a technical innovation under development or in commercial application; or a successful project, joint venture, or supply chain expansion with a different industry sector.
3. Ideally, the technology or collaboration(s) address a gap in capability in the other sectors.

Who judges the applicants?

ConvergX® has a technical jury that reviews each submission that includes ConvergX® sponsor WaVv, level <1> sponsors, and the awards sponsors.

The jury will evaluate the achievements as a result of the candidate’s work related to the energy, mining, aerospace, defense, and security sectors and according to the above criteria.

How do I nominate a company?

A formal nomination is not required. Send them to to fill out their details.